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Our history

Find out who we are and what we offer.
Past, present and future. PRASCO, a company that has changed the market rules.

  • 1988

    Formation of the Company with Industrial Classification for the sale of vehicle body parts to foreign markets.

  • 1994

    The start of the cooperation with the Tong Yang Group Industries in Taiwan and the opening of the first 900 m2 warehouse in Turin

  • 1998

    After further extensions over the previous five years the floor space of the warehouse reaches 18,000m2.

  • 2001

    Tong Yang Group opens a new production facility in Turin, TYG Europe, giving Prasco sole distribution.

  • 2003

    Opening of the branch in Bönen / Germany (Prasco GmbH), in the Dortmund area.

  • 2004

    The warehouse and offices move to a new location in Leinì (Torino). The site encompasses 105,000 m2, 32,000 m2 covered.

  • 2005

    The takeover of the sole distribution of the Unicar brand name, renowned as the most prestigious European bumper manufacturer.

  • 2010

    Opening of two new branches in Spain and UK through the purchase of the Company Geimex s.a. (Spain) and Direct Automotive (U.K.).

  • 2011

    Enlargement of the Prasco GmbH warehouse to an area of 10,000 m2. Relocation of the TYG Europe manufacturing plant to Leinì, within the Prasco compound.

  • 2012

    Opening of a new branch in Croatia through the purchase of the Company Advanta d.o.o. in Zagreb Opening of a new branch in Italy through the purchase of the Company Paoloni SpA in Bologna

  • 2013

    On 20th September the Prasco company holds a celebration, at its premises, of the 25th Anniversary of its formation, in attendance were suppliers and customers from all over the world.

About us

  • Quality
  • Branches
  • Services
  • Product
Prasco distributes with its own quality brand
products endorsed by the major international providers of Quality Certificates.


Prasco products are continually being tested. The auditors sent by major European providers of Quality Certificates are supported by engineers working for TONG YANG INDUSTRIES, Taiwan.


The bumper production steps are: thermoplastic injection molding, semi-finished component assembling, and priming, that is putting the primer on the part - a preparatory coating ensuring better adhesion of the paint to the part surface. Using the best raw materials for the bumper production and thanks to the advanced molding construction technology,  giving durability and crash resistance to the parts, we are able to offer a guaranteed quality, endorsed by well-known international providers of Quality Certificates such as TUV , Thatcham and Capa. A good primer is essential for the bumper painting. Our system is equivalent to the one used by car manufacturers, and it is fully automated – both flaming and painting are carried out by robots. Even the handling of the pieces between the various storing departments is automated. Our production line uses water-based primers.

Priming steps are: flaming, painting, and drying.

It is through the optimization of the priming process that you get the best preparation for the coloured painting, as well as its highest durability. The whole priming process is performed and controlled by robots operating in protected departments and connected to one another by a track circuit. The flaming is necessary to clean the plastic from impurities coming out of the production cycle. The robot arm directs an about 600° centigrade flame on the whole product surface, by means of tailor-made programmed movements and without ever deform it, then it opens its pores and prepares the part to receive the primer and let it adhere perfectly to it.

The primer is a preparatory coating put on bumpers before painting, ensuring better adhesion of the coloured paint to the surface. Our production line uses a two-component water-based primer, diluted with water and catalyst in the 10:1:1,5 ratio. The catalyst is a product that increases the adhesion of the primer to the part, and makes it more resistant to the solvents used for its preparation to the coloured painting.

After the primer is put on, bumpers remain stuck to the skids and platform, which automatically transport them to the drying area. They go through the drying tunnel where the first drying process takes place at about 80° C, and then they move on to the drying oven, where the solidification of the deepest micro levels is carried out at about 210° C. Once the primer is stable, bumpers are ready to be packaged in bubble wraps.


The Prasco Group has currently six branches in Europe:


From its 32,000 m2 warehouse and 8,000 m2 production facility of TYG Europe, Prasco in Leinì is the core of the Prasco Group.
The range of 24,000 items fulfills the ever more varied requirements of the automotive aftermarket.



Paoloni joined the Prasco Group in 2012, operating from 5,000 m2 of warehousing and 1,000 m2 of office space in Bologna. Established in 1966 and with widespread distribution, the purchase of Paoloni by Prasco has been an important step in the progress and success of the Prasco Group in Italy.




The company Prasco GmbH operates from a 10,000 m2 warehouse in Bönen, near Dortmund. The opening of this branch is part of the Prasco strategy to bring its products closer to the customers in northern Europe.



Joining the Prasco Group in 2010 Geimex operates from warehouses in Barcelona (6,000 m2) and Madrid (4,000 m2). Through its dynamic and vibrant leadership Geimex has become established as one of the leading aftermarket suppliers to the Spanish  vehicle repair market.



From its 7,500/8,000 m2 warehouse and office complex in Thorne, Prasco UK has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of aftermarket parts to the UK vehicle crash repair market. Approval from the majority of the leading insurers within the UK has been gained through a reputation built on the quality of the parts and unrivalled service offering.



Decades of experience have taught PRASCO a golden rule: the car part customer is always in a hurry! An urge justified by the often unavoidable need to get to the working place. For this reason, offering the immediate availability of the spare parts needed to fix the car is for PRASCO not only a professional duty but also a moral rule. Careful monitoring of the customers’ enquiry frequency and scrupulous statistical surveys lead to the continuous stock refilling of all PRASCO warehouses.
The steady widening of the PRASCO GROUP storage spaces, currently totaling 64,500 m2, but with a usable volume of 500,000 m2, is a commitment for us in order to cope with the growing market needs. This policy of constant expansion is a landmark for all the players of the automotive sector. PRASCO SpA has an excellent distribution network in Europe, and supplies the major buying groups in most European countries through its own branches and a chain of exclusive distributors, as well as the largest Italian market players.


The product quality alone is not enough to guarantee success, unless it is supported by a similar service quality. The 25-year long experience and the great breath of internationality have produced at PRASCO a work ethic aimed at the best possible relationship with its customers, involving not only product reliability but also on-time delivery. But why investing so much effort and money to pursue the goal of technical production perfection, if the storage and loading/unloading operations may alter the production results? Why offering more than 24,000 items and satisfying every market demand, why protecting parts with all sorts of safe packages, if deliveries didn’t happen in a reasonable time?

With its warehouses located in Leinì and Bologna (Italy), Bönen (Germany), Doncaster (England), Barcelona and ​​Madrid (Spain), the Prasco Group provides a continuous stock refilling as well as a quick and reliable delivery of pattern parts fitting onto cars produced by the world’s 44 major manufacturers.


Our product lines:








Front and rear headlights

Side lamps


Front panels



Inner fenders

Engine covers